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miko dolls amabie COVID-19

This document and picture belongs to the University Library of Kyoto


Hi from Miko Dolls, We wanted to let
you know were thinking about our customers
during this COVID-19 pandemic.

We wanted to share a story
that happened 174 yrs ago (1846) during
the end of the EDO period at Kumamoto.

   A shining spot appeared in the sea every
 night. A village officer went to investigate.
Upon investigating he saw a creature come
 above the water to  tell him “My name is
Amabie, and I’m from the sea. My mission
is to tell a prophesy: Good harvest for six
years But disease will spread throughout the
country. Please sketch me, and show me to
the people.” It then dove back under water
and returned to the sea. The officer reported
the incident to the Govt.office in EDO

Translated by Mikio Sakuma

People believe this sketch of Amabie helps cure disease.

Miko Amabie


1. A mouth like a birds bill

2. It's body is covered in scales like a fish

3. Three fin-like legs

4. Long hair

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